Trades Directory

Many of my clients provide top quality trades services. Please visit their websites or contact them directly for more information:

AJ Fencing & Decks Ltd or 021-160 0866

Bad Horse Bikes Ltd Luxury motorbike hire or 021-142 2128

Sally Bray Driving Instructor 027-564 9515

Brinkel’s Cake Art or 586 7549

Paul Butcher Real Estate Agent or 021-209 5645

Chonny’s Cleaning Ltd

Chopping Block Barbers Ltd or 564 1194

Contemporary Korowai Designs Ltd

Confident Communication Speech and Drama tuition

Dalley Refinishing (Automotive) or 021-110 2435

Financial Architects Ltd Financial advisory services

House 2 Home Property Services property maintenance

In & Out Cleaners Ltd

JB Motors auto repairs & maintenance or 564 3803

James The Builder Ltd or 022-136 7144

Karve Tree Services arborist and landscaper  or 021-046 2380

Kasaf Le Creme Ltd cleaning services  

Kotuku Cafe Ltd

Richard Langston freelance journalist

Lukas Tiling Services or 027-305 1015

Man With A Van property maintenance 022-477 5136

Mickey Swish Dogs Ltd or 589 2473

Nico Decorators Ltd

Omega Auto Electrical Ltd

Pale Lady or or

Pencarrow Plastering Services  027-280 2608

Pencarrow Tree Services Ltd or 027-687 4912

Stephen Press freelance cameraman 021-387 752

Raven Architecture Ltd architect services or

Round Tuit Drain Construction, Cleaning & Repairing  or 027-443 6192

SDR Production Ltd Engineering  or 021-113 0199

Tomoko Communications Graphic Design  027-922 3770

Two Bald Bikers Ltd Motorbike Driving Instructors or 027-4537377

Waea Contractors Ltd Fibre installation

Wellington Timber Profilers Ltd or 577 2784

Whites Maintenance Services Ltd Property maintenance  021-100 0123

Zepo Property Maintenance or 022-070-0877